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History of the house

hotel di charme in Sardegna

Lucrezia was the hostess of the house from 1895 to 1934, she was the great-great-grandmother of the nowadays owners and still today she is remembered by the very old ladies of the village as a very beautiful and generous woman. It is said that Lucrezia never let those knocking at her door go away empty-handed and welcomed poor and rich, noble and less noble just alike. In her memory we named the hotel after her, we like to continue to offer our warm welcome to anyone who knocks on our door, even if only for a quick visit.

At Lucrezia’s time the house was different. The structure was the same one you can see today, but the rooms had other destinations.
The communicating rooms, which today are room and bathroom, were originally the parents room and the daughters room, who had to be always watched until the marriage. The sons enjoyed greater freedom and were therefore accommodated upstairs, without direct control.

The garden, which has now become a small green oasis, in the past had all its space meant to produce. Next to the lemon tree, because oranges and mandarins were cultivated in lands outside town, the courtyard housed a small vegetable garden for domestic needs and a chicken coop.

Further on, in the annex, now a suite, there were the millstone and the oil press, and the stables to house the donkey and the horse.

The whole building was and still is made of earth bricks (adobe), roofs are made with hand-woven canes and hand-made tiles. The building is an example of the typical architecture of the place, today rediscovered and studied for the healthiness and the environmental comfort that guarantees to those who stay here.