The beaches of the Sinis

The beaches of the Sinis are among the most beautiful of the island. Their variety and their nearness makes it an unique eco system of the Mediterranean.

Starting from the south, you’ll begin your trip from cape San Marco on the South end of the Sinis Peninsula. On the cape, other than the ruins of Phoenician-Punic city of Tharros, inhabited until the year 1.000 AD, you can admire the Catalan-Aragonese tower and just a little walk will bring you to the church of San Giovanni di Sinis, one of the oldest on the island. The seaside town of San Giovanni offers white sandy beaches and waters with colors from turquoise to cobalt blue. The walk from the ruins of Tharros to cliffs of the lighthouse at Cape San Marco is a dive into the Mediterranean wild flora immersed in strongly suggestive and romantic landscape.

From the lighthouse of Capo San Marco you reach the beach of la caletta, sheltered from the mistral and peopled by boats of the nearby marina of Torre Grande.

Further north you get to the village of Funtana Meira. The coastal village is a shapeless mass of houses built without a organic planning. The sea there offers small sandy bays where you can enjoy a small private beach, crowded only in August Further north, towards the Isthmus of Seo, you’ll pass by a small WWF oasis where you can stroll through the natural vegetation and reach the Maimoni beach, almost deserted even in the months of maximum crowding.


A little further north lies the beach of Is Arutas, also called the beach of rice grains. The name comes from the white quartz grains that make the beach really unique. The beach is protected, so much that you cannot walk with your shoes on, because you would take away some sand. You can’t smoke unless you have an ash-tray with you. Going a little further north you come to the beach Mari Ermi, where the sand is still composed largely of quartz grains mixed with normal sand. The small lagoon behind the beach gives it a more unique flavor.

The coast continues with the small beach of Porto Suedda and then it becomes rocky, with the white cliffs of Su Tingiosu leading to the beach of S'Arena Scoada, with white sand and turquoise water. Among other attractions, in Sarena Scoada, the school of surfing and kite surfing, Is Benas Surf school.

After S'Arena Scoada you’ll find Putzu Idu, a long white beach af very thin white sand, with the seabed that decreases very slowly, something which makes it very appreciated by families with young children. Putzu Idu offers plenty of services: you can rent boats and windsurfs, you can embark to the island of Maldiventre or you can visit the cheerful boutique of Momo offering T-shirts and original clothing of local inspiration.

In Putzu Idu you’ll also find many restaurants and kiosks on the beach, our favorite is Fatima and Daniele’s, easily recognizable by the drawings Keith Haring’s style which decorate it.


From Putzu Idu

the end of the beach of Putzu Idu brings you to Capo Mannu. Destination for surfers from all over Europe, also a spectacular walk, better at sunset.
The walk around the cape leads to two Catalan-Aragon towers, the former is in good conditions and you can climb and get in it. The ruins of the latter, offer a breathtaking view, in days of good visibility just across the cape you’ll find the beach of Sa Mesa Longa (Sardinian for long table ), whose name derives from the long flat rock that protects the beach and makes it seem like a lagoon.

Going beyond the small island of the Tuna catch you’ll find the beach of Sa Rocca Tunda, a beautiful white beach which faces northwest and has crystal clear waters, never too crowded.

Besides Sa Rocca Tunda lays the beach of Is Arenas, 5 kms of beach that offer you a private spot even in the days of maximum crowding. Its length and its depth give it a flavor of ocean beach, very beautiful in calm waters, it is the only really dangerous beach with rough seas.


The end of Sinis Peninsula brings you to S'Archittu.
Here the waves dug a natural limestone arch 8 meters high. The bay in front of the arch is just spectacular, a small white sandy beach is one of the most enchanting views of this part of Sardinia.
S'Archittu also offers kiosks, bars and restaurants.


Just after Sarchittu you’ll find Santa Caterina. A small sandy beach mixed with pebbles are framed by the beautiful bay.
just at the end of the village, on the left side you’ll find Su Riu De Sa Ide. A 5 minute walk leads to a natural swimming pool framed by limestone walls and with a crystal clear water where you’ll be able to see all the fishes passing by . A show not to be missed.



It Is the main beach of people from Oristano, A long sandy beach with a long promenade. During summer it is very busy and offers kiosks, bars and restaurants.
Dj sets keep the night alive in kiosks on the beach at the right end of the promenade. Torregrande offers a marina with 400 berths, you can rent a boat or get on a fishboat to enjoy a day out fishing with local fishermen.