History of Hotel Lucrezia

History of Hotel Lucrezia

The origins of the house date back to the seventeenth century.
The architecture of the house was the same you can still see today, although in the past the rooms had different employments.

The rooms had no bathroom and the only service available for the whole house was in the garden.

The garden, now turned into a small green oasis in the past was meant to be a part of the family’s economy. Alongside the lemon tree, the courtyard had a small vegetable garden for domestic needs and a chicken hut.

In the guesthouse, today turned into the suite, were the grain wheel and the oil press and stables to house the horse and the donkey.

Lucrezia was the owner of the house from 1895 to 1934, she is still remembered by old ladies in the village as a very beautiful and generous woman. It is said that she never let go away empty handed those who knocked at her door. And that she treated the same way the rich and the poor, the noble and less noble.

In her memory we wanted to call the hotel with her name, and in her memory, we like to continue to offer our warm welcome to anyone knocking at our door, even only for a short visit.